There is a new competition brought up by the famous electronic and mobile brand Samsung for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL). After the recent launches of Samsung Folding phone, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy air buds. So, these two top mobile brands are always in competition with each other, this helps the users to have more quality products.

The competition in the market has become stronger for Apple and we have seen the sales of Apple’s iPhone drop in the recent time. This is a worry for them but at the very same time it gives courage to do better. Apple is certainly the biggest brand, and it is comparatively expensive than some other brands.

The new launches by Samsung are so far admired by the users and especially the air buds which is a new item launched by them in the market for the first time. The Apple Air Pods are really famous in the market but with the new Samsung Air buds, it could reduce the sale of Apple’s Air Pods.

What companies look to improve in an air phone is sound quality, noise isolation, and battery life. But every time these features are upgraded the price is also increased. But Samsung has this time come up with extra feature, which includes wireless charging through Galaxy S10 back.

So far, what Samsung has brought into the market with their new products looks like that they are going ahead in the right direction. So, what is there for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) to improve. We know that Apple has always come up with new feature and usually other brands copy Apple, but in the past few year things have changed.

The other product is Galaxy S10, which is the main product which comes in with the main competitor to the iPhone. The new Galaxy phone is almost as big as a computer, even better in the software. It comes up with 1 TB of memory and 12 GB’s of RAM. It provides the reverse wireless charging to other phones that are portable to wireless charging. So, we have to look what Apple comes up with, with its new iPhone.

Moreover, the Folding phone is a new invention in the smartphone and Apple Inc. would be looking to breach this invention and come up with a better update in the Folding phone model. Apart from all this the bigger challenge for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) would be to meet the demand of Apple users and maximize their satisfaction level.

So, if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) would succeed to fulfil customers’ requirements, it would then be able to really have an improving sales in the future and go much more higher than Samsung.